About Me

Brief Bio

I was born in Southern California, and when I was four my family moved to Folsom, CA. That's where I lived for 18 years. After high school I became an Rotary exchange student and spent a fabulous year in Germany. I had such a wonderful time in Europe I traveled almost every weekend and had a blast. The whole experience really helped formed who I am today.

After my stay in Germany I attended to California State University Monterey Bay. That was awesome as well. I earned a BS in telecommunication, multi-media and applied computing. After completing my degree I tried to stay in Monterey but I couldn't find employment. So, I moved back to the Sacramento area. And that's where I'm today, Roseville, CA.

During my spare time I like to get outside and enjoy the fresh air (hiking or relaxing in unpopulated areas works for me). I recently have been trying more to get out to the driving range. I do like very much the ocean, the beach, and the coast. Frankly anything that doesn't involve the computer works for me.

Currently, I work for Consolidated Communication as an Software Engineer V. I work primarily on Consolidated's internal and external facing web sites.

E-mail: thomas@thomasfreeberg.com